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NSA Entertainment’s SABO, is the latest Hip-Hop prodigy this independent label is set to blaze the industry with. As a proud Colombian this 32-year old rugged rapper has used an assortment of past struggles and influences to mold him into the dynamic character of SABO. Growing up in the Miami area, SABO relishes his memories of the hood and Military life style which has molded him into the confident individual, he is today. "I want to be that person from my community that people can look up to." With the release of several projects he has developed a significant buzz. In today's industry a lot of the music is recycled, said SABO. I’m versatile in terms of what I talk about and my message. Sabo's lyrical style and delivery assimilates him to the likes of Scarface, Tupac and Cormega. He injects some DMX and Nas affiliations into his repertoire, but SABO is an individual himself. Artist out today, aren't what they really portray themselves as. I talk about the bad and good things I’ve done. SABO's engaging personality stems from a childhood highlighted by learning. He believes the absence of his father made him suffer through the realization that life can’t get much worse. I’ve already been through the worst, he said. I never really had the sense of family in my life, which has made me stronger. SABO also conducted two tours in Iraq as a combat Tanker while serving in the US Army. Through all the struggles and hardships, he manages to keep making music and inspiring others as well. His determination to excel at his craft grew from the support of his family. His close friends RedNose and Hitman are just a few who noticed his skills and kept pushing him towards pursuing a musical career during his military years. Music has always been a part of SABO's life. Through his early years in poetry, SABO was able to unleash a skill for writing, which correlates to his ability to compile masterful lyrics. SABO’s ultimate goal is to reach and touch everyone especially soldiers who were in combat.
“I just want to be as successful as I can be so that I can take care of the closet people around me.” “The gift to reach the people through music should not be taken for granted, so my voice shall and will be heard.” “My ambition, determination, and passion are what pushes me to limits were ordinary men would have given up". Now located in a cut-throat music scene in West Palm Beach he finds himself working with other talented visionaries to include DMZTV.

In July 2005, the Battalion began an aggressive retraining and equipment reset in preparation for rotation 06-08 of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  From July 2005-July 2006, the Battalion conducted individual, small unit, platoon, company, and battalion level evaluations focused on counter-insurgency operations. In September of 2006, the Battalion began deployment operations back to Iraq where only 16 months before its guns blazed in anger. On 3 November 2006, the battalion assumed responsibility for the city of Baqubah in the Diyala Province.  During its 15-month deployment, the battalion fought and bled as an element of Task Force Lightning, establishing the first combat outposts within the Multi-National Division North Area of Operations, Defeating Al Qaeda during Operation Arrowhead Ripper in Baqubah and destroying hundreds of terrorist cells from Khalis to Khan Bani Saad and beyond. Troy, better known as SABO, military career started on September 9, 2002 when he was shipped off to basic training in Fort Knox, KY. That was the start of his tedious training as a Tanker in Eco 2-81. He spent almost 6 months in OSET training. After graduating basic training his first duty station was in Fort Hood, TX and was in the ranks for D Co 3-8 CAV. At this point Troy knew war was inevitable, so training was elevated during gunnery training. Before deploying his company was reflagged and was called C CO 2-7 CAV. On April of 2004, Troy found himself in a flight leaving to Iraq to contribute his efforts to the war on terror. First stop was Kuwait, where classes were held on enemy vehicle identification, cultural awareness, and adjusting to climate changes. Troy’s first combat experience happened days after his company of tanks left Kuwait. His company was ambushed with small arms fire, motor fire, and a couple of IEDs in the front and in the rear of the convoy. That later became known as the fight in BI-OP on April 2004. Troy had his 21st birthday during that battle.  After taking care of business, his company refueled, refits, and continued the convoy towards Taji, Iraq. Once in Taji, it was days before we started regular operations out in sector, which included route security, IED sweeps, Ops, and QRF missions (Battalions Quick Ready Force.) Several months of minor contact, sporadic small arms and RPG fire and a couple of IEDs later, Troy’s company was called to assist in the Battle of Najaf on June 2004. Troy’s company was the main effort to retake control of Najaf, Iraq. His company took several casualties, but Troy was unharmed. After fighting for nearly two weeks straight, his entire tank endured damage from several RPGs, small arms fire, and grenade damage. Troy was rocked several times but came out with no severe injuries. Three months later in August of 2004, the Army was so impressed with their company during that battle, that they were once again called to assist in retaking another city. After re-writing history for the use of Tanks in the urban city combat in Najaff, Fallujah, Iraq was their next target. The Battle of Fallujah took three to four weeks. While in this battle it took a toll on Troy and his company. Not only was this a different enemy from Najaf, his company took twice the amount of casualties. It was reported we were fighting several militia groups from different countries which included the Taliban and Chechens. One particular event Troy will always remember was his involvement in a 40ft drop tank rollover.  Accident took the life of his friend and roommate SGT. Jonathan Shields. Once the battle was over Troy’s Company left back to Taji to continue their operations on May of 2005. Once at home and several months later  training for a second deployment Troy (SABO) now begins his new missions out in Baquba, Iraq from 06'-07.

“No matter what you go through, strive to Neva Struggle Again,”

American Soldier

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